The Yacht Club Sports Bar & Grill is based at Liverpool Marina, a unique marina in the North West of the UK. The Yacht Club Sports Bar & Grill is surrounded by the masts of the berthing yachts & beautiful views of the powerboats & narrow boats.

Liverpool Yacht Club has been based at the marina for more than 20 years. They have a year round racing programme and an active cruising section. This makes us a great choice for racing yacht berths. Our shared waterspace is home to dinghy sailing and a canoe club. Wakeboarding can even be enjoyed in the adjoining dock.

The marina is also established as one of the best canal boat marinas in the UK and North West. The shore and waterside facilities on offer make a stay at Liverpool a far superior experience. During the year we are adding superfast broadband across the entire waterspace and private bathrooms for the enjoyment of all berth holders.

With our marina berths attracting a wide range of vessels and owners there is always something going on at Liverpool. We are an RYA ‘Active Marina’ and training centre, the marina complex hosts a range of activities from art classes to the local backgammon club. 

The Best of Both Worlds: The Tranquil and Entertaining Liverpool Docks

Life on the water has been popular for many years. Despite the evolution of technology and the world of entertainment, nothing comes close to life in the open air while taking in the beautiful surroundings. Of course, there can be instances where a canal enthusiast may want to enjoy the benefits of a canal marina, while still having access to local entertainment hotspots. Similarly, there will be those who just want to take advantage of the local community and the activities on offer.

Liverpool Docks are famous both in and outside of Liverpool. The history of the docks dates to 1837, when civil engineer Jesse Hartley developed plans for a dock that also offered warehouse facilities. Although the area has since seen a regeneration and is now offering locals and tourists a wealth of entertainment and history, many still use the dock as their chosen boat marina.

Why are Liverpool Docks So Popular?

With many marinas available, you may be asking yourself what makes Liverpool Docks so appealing. While there are many beautiful locations for boat owners to berth their vessel, not all of them offer an experience like Liverpool. While there will be those who choose their boat marina due to the quiet atmosphere and local nature, there will be those who want to mix it up a little. The great thing about using Liverpool Docks is that it offers the ambience and community many boat owners are looking for, while serving as a portal to great destinations and offering some of the most famous tourist attractions in the world.

Regardless of whether you want to explore the birthplace of the Beatles, or take your boat to the nearby HIlbre Islands, there’s plenty of choices regardless of what activity you want to partake in.

The Benefits of using Liverpool Docks

While a boat marina may be used by some on a part-time basis, there are those who wish to spend more time on their canal boat, and looking for a more long-term canal marina solution. There has been such a boom in the canal boat industry that Liverpool Marina is currently looking to extend its current facilities by developing fifty new berths.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a canal marina or a boat marina, you will need to ensure that the location you choose is able to offer the facilities you need. Those looking for a location in Liverpool Docks can make enquiries to Liverpool Marina, which is able to offer customers a range of different services.

There is on-site diesel, receptacles for general waste and an electricity top-up point. There is also a wide range of services ashore, which include laundry facilities, free Wi-Fi, free parking and a Bar & Restaurant.

When it comes to locating a boat marina, there is a vast amount of choice. While everyone will have their preference, it’s true to say that not every canal marina offers as much choice as a location in Liverpool Docks. If you’re currently considering a marina for berthing your vessel, then why not contact Liverpool Marina today to discuss your requirements in more detail.